Heron's Rest Villa
Heron's Rest Villa

It is peaceful here, but, if you fancy visiting somewhere designed for higher-energy thrills, there are plenty of tourist attractions nearby.

Rotonda is an "away form it all" location, yet is the perfect base for trips to the larger tourist resorts of Fort Myers, Tampa, Miami, Sarasota or Venice.

Finally, there are many major attractions and places of interest, including Disney, Universal Studies, Busch Gardens and the Everglades, all within driving distance.

Charlotte Harbour Area:

The wider surrounding area of Charlotte Harbour and the Gulf Islands is a collection of nine charming coastal communities surrounding the state’s second largest harbour.

It is known for its expansive, unspoiled beauty. This area is not commercialised, nor over-developed. People live here, not just tourists on vacation!


As you would expect, the area boasts numerous styles of restaurants, either locally-owned or larger chains.

Renowned for fresh, local-caught seafood, there is a vast choice of places to eat. Every kind of cuisine is catered for.

Many restaurants are at the water’s edge, portions are huge and, importantly, inexpensive, so that eating out really is a pleasure!


Local supermarkets provide a vast range of food and wine and deliciously inviting delicatessens. Inland to Port Charlotte, around fifteen minutes’ drive, is an extensive shopping area and mall, with major stores including Macy’s, a large range of restaurants and even a cinema. Further afield are huge outlet malls, an experience in themselves. Further details are at the villa for all shop-a-holics!

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